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The Centre for Strategic Thinking Has Formally Launched Its English Website
Views:712 Updated:2020-01-03

The Centre for Strategic Thinking has formally launched its English website. Please feel comfortable to join our work and endeavour to make difference and goodness happen.

Should you be interested in expressing your ideas, expecting to have your views published on our website (both Chinese and English languages are fine), discussing a possible cooperation, or simply having an enquiry to put, you are welcome to make a contact to us.

In case you have a view to share, please ensure that it does not violent the law, and also it generally does not confront the goal and principles upheld by this centre. Meanwhile, we hope you to understand that this centre does reserve a right whether to respond to your views, or to publish your writing.

Great appreciation to your attention and support to our work, and to the change and greatness we all can make together!

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