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  • The Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the United States

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict is still on-going. The Russia side announced about a week ago that its special military operation in Ukraine has entred into the second phase. The negotiation between the two countries since the conflict began has been pro

  • How to Understand the Messages Recently Delivered by the Cai Government Officials?

    For commemorating the founding of the Republic of China (RoC) 110 years ago, the Taiwan local leader, on 10 October, delivered a special remark. One day before this celebration made by the Cai government, the Chinese central government also organized

  • The Mixed Approach Applied by the Biden Administration in Managing Foreign Affairs?

    Upon the Biden administration assuming office, it set a 100-day plan. Over the past 3 months, in order to meet the targets set by this plan and even beyond it, the Biden administration has been trying to formulate an approach to manage the U.S. inter

  • The First Three Weeks of the Biden Administration in Office

    With president Biden taking office, the U.S. administration set a first 10-day plan as well as a first 100-day plan. About three weeks have passed since the inauguration day of the U.S. president. What has the Biden administration done so far? And ho

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