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The Centre for Strategic Thinking is a Beijing-based independent research, analytical, and advisory think tank. We would define it as a nonprofit-driven knowledge sharing platform. The initiative is not affiliated to any governments, organizations or institutions.

We value of deep and creative thinking and thoughts, as well as of the unity between knowledge and practice. Our goal is to promote knowledge sharing, forge mutual understanding and cooperation, and contribute to problem-solving on core issues of regional and international concern through conducting research, analysis, and exchanges. We also help facilitate cultural exchanges among people from diverse groups and cul...  more >>
  • China and the EU Agreed On An Investment Deal

    A landmark China-European Union investment deal agreed upon Wednesday night will provide greater ma... more >>

  • A View Based On A Public Opinion Poll Concerning The Future of The Cross-strait Relations
    In mid-August, an opinion poll concerning the future development of the Cross-strait relations released by the Chinatimes shown that the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan are supportive of the strengthening exchanges and communication between Taiwan and the Mainland. Generally younger generations having participated in the survey appeared to be more active and positive toward a closer engagement between Taiwan and the Mainland, with 72.4% of the young people aged between 20 and 29, and over 60% of those in the age group ranging from 30 to 49 supporting this idea.

    Given the growing complex environment within Taiwan and at the regional and international stages, as well as the uneasiness of the Cross-strait relations at the moment, what could this opinion poll tell then? Further this piece would suggest a solution to help address the current obstacles that have undermined people’s efforts in promoting unification between the Mainland and Taiwan.  more >>
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