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The Centre for Strategic Thinking is a Beijing-based independent research and advisory think tank. We would define it as a nonprofit-driven knowledge sharing platform.

We value of deep and creative thinking and thoughts, as well as of the unity between knowledge and practice. Our goal is to promote knowledge sharing, forge mutual understanding and cooperation, and contribute to problem-solving on core issues that draw regional and international attention through conducting research, analysis, and exchanges. We also help facilitate cultural exchanges among people from diverse groups and cultural backgrounds.  more >>
  • A Follow-up to the Ukraine Crisis – Steps for Ending the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

    The situation in Ukraine has been intensified. After a few rounds of talks between Russia and Ukrai... more >>

  • The Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the United States
    The Russia-Ukraine conflict is still on-going. The Russia side announced about a week ago that its special military operation in Ukraine has entred into the second phase. The negotiation between the two countries since the conflict began has been processed very slowly, partly because the Ukrainian side still doesn’t appear to be very firm about its position toward the settlement of the conflict.

    At the end of March, after a few rounds of talks, and under the mediation of the Turkish President, the negotiation representatives of both Russia and Ukraine managed to make a big breakthrough by having agreed on certain core items, which both sides thought would be conducive to the talks in the next steps. This breakthrough also made many believe that Russia and Ukraine would overcome certain pressure and manage to make a first phase of agreement at an earlier date.

    Nevertheless, the improved situation was quickly deteriorated, following the Russian troops’ withdrawal from the Kyiv region. The reason behind this was that 400 civilian dead bodies were found in the scene where the Russia... more >>
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