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The Centre for Strategic Thinking is a Beijing-based independent research, analytical, and advisory think tank. We would define it as a nonprofit-driven knowledge sharing platform. The initiative is not affiliated to any governments, organizations or institutions.

We value of deep and creative thinking and thoughts, as well as of the unity between knowledge and practice. Our goal is to promote knowledge sharing, forge mutual understanding and cooperation, and contribute to problem-solving on core issues of regional and international concern through conducting research, analysis, and exchanges. We also help facilitate cultural exchanges among people from diverse groups and cul...  more >>
  • The First Three Weeks of the Biden Administration in Office

    With president Biden taking office, the U.S. administration set a first 10-day plan as well as a fi... more >>

  • About the New Round of Small Outbreak of the Coronavirus in China
    The low temperature in the winter season has recently brought a new round of small-scale outbreak of the coronavirus in China. It is generally believed that the lower temperature created more favourable conditions for the virus to survive and spread. The northern part of China has so far been affected a bit more seriously by the coronavirus than the southern part of it. Over the past few weeks, a number of newly confirmed cases have subsequently been reported out in Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, and Helongjiang etc. Till 22 January, the number of remaining cases in Beijing, Hebei, Jilin and Heilongjiang has respectively raised to 43, 820, 131, and 192.

    Given that China has already accumulated rich experiences in fighting the COVID-19 over the past year of 2020, various levels of government departments, of communities, and of other sectors have generally responded very timely to address this small outbreak. A series of similar measures have been put into place, roughly including early testing, tracing, quarantining, and rescuing, as well as controlling the movement of people and limiting public transport... more >>
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