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The Centre for Strategic Thinking, founded on 8 November 2019, is a Beijing-based independent research, analytical, and advisory think tank. We would define it as a nonprofit-driven knowledge sharing centre or platform. The initiative is not affiliated to any governments, organizations or institutions.

We value of deep and creative thinking and thoughts, as well as of the unity between knowledge and practice. Our goal is to promote knowledge sharing, forge mutual understanding and cooperation, and contribute to problem-solving on core issues of regional and international concern through conducting research, analysis, and exchanges. We also help facilitate cultural exchanges a...  more >>
  • The Relevance of The National Security Law to the Practice of the “One Country, Two Systems” Principle in Hong Kang

    On 30 June, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China passed the Law on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kang Special Administrative Region, and the law also came into force ... more >>

  • Global Governance Is At A New Cross Road
    Global governance has reached a new cross road since the world moved into the new century. A series of mechanisms and institutions within the global governance system have lost part of their efficiency; meanwhile a set of new mechanisms established since the beginning of the new century somehow haven’t got institutionalized and functioned well yet. The number of issues faced by the world today urged nations to make efforts to improve the system in order to better address the challenges under the new situation. Nevertheless, countries especially the big powers so far haven’t been able to reach a common understanding in general terms on what approach should be adopted to improve the current system. It appears that the world only super power, the United States, is in favour of a traditional approach, which basically means that the U.S. still plays a major role in global rule-making, while the rest of the world is mostly in a position of being the rule-taker. In the meantime, some developing countries and emerging economies, as well as those smaller countries with great potential and strength in particular areas w... more >>
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