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  • Western Interests and Ukrainian Interests in the Ukraine War

    Insisting that the United States and its NATO allies should want exactly what Ukraine does is understandable politics - but it’s also dangerous policy.

    Such insistence not only risks dragging us potentially into a nuclear war, it also

  • How More Likely the Ukraine Crisis Can Be Settled?

    Since the eruption of the Ukraine crisis, various parties have subsequently proposed ideas for a political settlement of this issue. Nevertheless, due to a complex range of interests involved in it and also a lack of trust among the parties having a

  • A New Book by the Centre for Strategic Thinking

    Against the current historical context that the United States is in the process of forging and implementing a grand Indo-Pacific strategy, and that the U.S. has shown its intention to align its strategies toward other regions of the world with its st

  • Analysis: the New Development of the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Issue

    The Korean Peninsula faces a new round of rising tension as a result of the joint air force drills conducted by the U.S. and South Korea starting from 31 October, and North Korea’s reaction to this collective operation in the meantime.

  • What Did the U.S. President Tend to Achieve through His Middle East Trip?

    The U.S. President Biden just concluded his visit to the Middle East three days ago. A lot of discussions across various circles have been on-going regarding his trip. This was the first visit of the U.S. leadership since assuming office in January 2

  • Steps for Ending the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

    The situation in Ukraine has been intensified. After a few rounds of talks between Russia and Ukraine, certain progress such as the creation of humanitarian corridors for evacuation of civilians has been made. Yet the two countries still haven’t mana

  • What Will Likely Be the Next for Afghanistan?

    After 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan, the U.S. completed the withdrawal of its troops from the Afghan soil by 31 August 2021. This is a good news for the Afghans, as after having endured 20 years of losses and sacrifices, the Afghan people fin

  • The Mixed Approach Applied by the Biden Administration in Managing Foreign Affairs?

    After the Biden administration assumed office, it set a 100-day plan. Over the past 3 months, in order to meet the targets in line with this plan, the Biden administration has been trying to foster a new approach in dealing with the U.S. domestic and

  • The First Three Weeks of the Biden Administration in Office

    With president Biden taking office, the U.S. administration set a first 10-day plan as well as a first 100-day plan. About three weeks have passed since the inauguration day of the U.S. president. What has the Biden administration done so far? And ho

  • China and the EU Agreed On An Investment Deal

    A landmark China-European Union investment deal agreed upon Wednesday night will provide greater market access for both sides and a brighter future for China-EU cooperation, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday.

    The agreement was rea

  • How the U.S. “Extreme Pressure” Measures Could Affect the Trend of China-U.S. Bilateral Relations in the Near Future?

    There are less than three months from now to the U.S. general election day. The pandemic situation in the U.S. is still very severe. Under this critical circumstance, China-U.S. bilateral relationship is down to a low level with the U.S. side recentl

  • The Coronavirus, the United States, and The World

    By 4 May, the number of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in the United States has totalled more than 1,157,687, and over 67,674 people have died so far.1 Since the outbreak began, the U.S. government has subsequently issued a series of measures and po

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