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A New Book by the Centre for Strategic Thinking
Author:ST  Source:Centre for Strategic Thinking  Views:802 Updated:2023-03-11


Against the current historical context that the United States is in the process of forging and implementing a grand Indo-Pacific strategy, and that the U.S. has shown its intention to align its strategies toward other regions of the world with its strategic interest in Asia together, this study aims to explore and analyse the critical factors, issues, and mechanisms which would most likely be able to affect the relations among major powers and entities in Europe as well as in the Indo-Pacific region, and to see how possibly the main actors in these two regions could jointly shape a different model of global order, based on their management of and involvements in the core issues identified in this project. The next ten to twenty years will likely be a critical period to see whether a different global system from the current one can be forged, and what it might look like.

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