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  • A View Based On A Public Opinion Poll Concerning The Future of The Cross-strait Relations

    In mid-August, an opinion poll concerning the future development of the Cross-strait relations released by the Chinatimes shown that the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan are supportive of the strengthening exchanges and communication between Taiwa

  • Global Governance Is At A New Cross Road

    Global governance has reached a new cross road since the world moved into the new century. A series of mechanisms and institutions within the global governance system have lost part of their efficiency; meanwhile a set of new mechanisms established s

  • Taiwan, China, and the United States

    Over the past few months, the United States has taken a series of moves concerning the Taiwan issue – at the beginning of March, the U.S congress passed a “Taipei Act of 2019”, through which, the U.S. described Taiwan as a close ally and pledged to f

  • Re-thinking of the “Thucydides’s Trap” Argument

    Thucydides, who lived in ancient Greece around 2500 years ago, is the author of History of the Peloponnesian War, which recorded the conflicts between the two Greek city-states Sparta and Athens. Thucydides’s work set the foundation of the realist tr

  • Thinking About Brexit and Its Implications

    12 December 2019 marked a new beginning for the Conservative party ruling in British political history, with the Tories winning a landslide majority in the country’s general election on that day since the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatch

  • A View On The U.S. - DPRK Nuclear Consultation

    After the U.S. and the DPRK having failed to make a breakthrough in their denuclearization negotiations in recent months, the relationship between the two is once again down to a low level now. Before the recent turning down of their relations, the U

  • About The China-Russia East-Route Natural Gas Pipeline and Beyond

    The China-Russia east-route natural gas pipeline came into operation on 2 December 2019. Chinese president Xi and Russian president Putin participated in the launching ceremony via a video call, and the two respectively made a short remark to mark th

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