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  • Comments: the U.S. House Speaker’s Visit to China’s Taiwan

    The U.S. House Speaker Mrs. Nancy Pelosi yesterday just conducted a visit to China’s Taiwan province, which was the first time in 25 years by a highest ranking American official to step into Taiwan. Taiwan was one of the stops of her Asia tour. As sc

  • The Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the United States

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict is still on-going. The Russia side announced about a week ago that its special military operation in Ukraine has entred into the second phase. The negotiation between the two countries since the conflict began has been pro

  • The Voting Results of Taiwan's Four Referendums - A Different Perspective

    The Four Referendums in Taiwan advocated by the KMT took place on Saturday 18 December. The total number of people eligible for vote this time was 19,825,468; around 40% of whom participated in the voting. The final results on late Saturday showed th

  • How to Understand the Messages Recently Delivered by the Cai Government Officials?

    For commemorating the founding of the Republic of China (RoC) 110 years ago, the Taiwan local leader, on 10 October, delivered a special remark. One day before this celebration made by the Cai government, the Chinese central government also organized

  • Re-framing of the U.S.Global Strategy and Its Possible Impact on the European Approach toward China

    June was a busy month for some U.S. officials.At the beginning of June, the U.S. senators passed the U.S.Competition and Innovation Act of 2021.Then the U.S. President Joe Biden conducted his first presidential trip to Europe, during which, Biden had

  • The Cai Government and the Cross-strait Relations

    Over the past few months, the Cai government has encountered a series of diplomatic difficulties with both the Mainland and the United States. These can be started from Taiwan’s buying of the U.S. lean pork. For quite a long time the Cai government h

  • About the New Round of Small Outbreak of the Coronavirus in China

    The low temperature in the winter season has recently brought a new round of small-scale outbreak of the coronavirus in China. It is generally believed that the lower temperature created more favourable conditions for the virus to survive and spread.

  • Taiwan, China, and the United States

    Over the past few months, the United States has taken a series of moves concerning the Taiwan issue – at the beginning of March, the U.S congress passed a “Taipei Act of 2019”, through which, the U.S. described Taiwan as a close ally and pledged to f

  • Thinking About Brexit and Its Implications

    12 December 2019 marked a new beginning for the Conservative party ruling in British political history, with the Tories winning a landslide majority in the country’s general election on that day since the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatch

  • A View On The U.S. - DPRK Nuclear Consultation

    After the U.S. and the DPRK having failed to make a breakthrough in their denuclearization negotiations in recent months, the relationship between the two is once again down to a low level now. Before the recent turning down of their relations, the U

  • About The China-Russia East-Route Natural Gas Pipeline and Beyond

    The China-Russia east-route natural gas pipeline came into operation on 2 December 2019. Chinese president Xi and Russian president Putin participated in the launching ceremony via a video call, and the two respectively made a short remark to mark th

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