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  • How More Likely the Ukraine Crisis Can Be Settled?

    Since the eruption of the Ukraine crisis, which has lasted for about 17 months already, various parties have subsequently proposed ideas or plans for a political settlement of this issue. At the very early stage of the Ukraine crisis last year, the T

  • How to Understand the Mixed Approach Applied by the Biden Administration in Managing Foreign Affairs?

    After the Biden administration assumed office, it set a 100-day plan. Over the past 3 months, in order to meet the targets in line with this plan, the Biden administration has been trying to foster a new approach in dealing with the U.S. domestic and

  • Re-framing of the U.S.Global Strategy and Its Possible Impact on the European Approach toward China

    June 2021 was a busy month for some U.S. officials. At the beginning of June, the U.S. senators passed the U.S. Competition and Innovation Act of 2021. Then the U.S. president Joe Biden conducted his first presidential trip to Europe, during which, h

  • Global Governance Reached A New Cross Road

    Global governance has reached a new cross road since the world moved into the new century. A series of mechanisms and institutions within the global governance system have lost part of their efficiency; meanwhile a set of new mechanisms established s

  • Liberal Values and the Liberal International Order: Limits and Future Direction

    Professor Joseph Nye in 2017 ever wrote an article titled “American Leadership and the Future of the Liberal International Order.”1 In that article, he listed three possible challenges to a U.S.-led liberal international order - economic and financia

  • Rethink of the Realist Tradition - the “Thucydides Trap” Argument

    Thucydides, who lived in ancient Greece around 2500 years ago, is the author of History of the Peloponnesian War, which recorded the conflicts between two Greek city-states Sparta and Athens. Thucydides’s work set the foundation of the realist tradit

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